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You can make up to $60 for every chain letter you receive
and you never have to mail one yourself!

If you are involved in the mail order business, or if you are looking for a way to make money working from home, chances are you receive a lot of chain letters. These are the letters that tell you how you'll be able to make $50,000 to $200,000 in just a few weeks if you make some changes to a list on the letter, then make copies and mail them out. You and everyone who receives the letter after you and decides to participate is supposed to send money to each person on the list.

Theoretically, as your name rotates down the list with new people participating and sending cash, you're supposed to receive money from thousands of people.

Many of these plans tell you that they are not chain letters that they are "perfectly legal multi-level marketing plans". Don't you believe it! Any plan that fits a certain description is considered illegal in the eyes of the post office. Calling a chain letter or pyramid plan by a different name doesn't make it legal! Besides, the post office considers most multi-level plans to be illegal anyway!

Even though you can't make any money mailing out chain letters, you can make money by mailing information on the truth about chain letters to the people who are participating in them. You can help these people to avoid wasting time and money, and other problems, while making a nice profit for yourself in the process.

I have information that can be sent to chain letter participants that alerts them to all the problems with these schemes and tells them how they can make money by mailing circulars from home with legitimate programs.

You can get the reprint rights for this information. Having the reprint rights means that you can legally reproduce the information in any manner you wish and sell it to others. You'll make over $9.50 from every $10.00 sale because it only costs a few cents to have this information reproduced at any copy shop. I'll send you a copy of this sales circular with a space for your name and address. You simply mail copies to the people listed on the chain letters you receive. When you get an order, just send your customer copies of the report and sales letter. This is a very simple, legal and honest way to make money by mailing letters. You can make up to $60 from each chain letter you get.

Plus, you'll learn money-making secrets from reading my report because not only do I tell you why chain letters don't work, I also tell you how to make money in your own home-based mail order business. Now you can make big profits with these powerful methods.

This program will allow you to make money from sources you usually throw away. If you are usually annoyed at receiving chain letters, now you'll be glad because you can turn them into cash. Every chain letter you receive can be considered a free mailing list of eager opportunity seekers! I'll even show you how to increase the number of chain letters you receive so you can make even more money.

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